RBV-8000 Autumn Sundown  a 100 - 102 day corn.
This corn has a 9 in. to 11 in. ear  size.  The ears are glossy, very bright and colorful.  The ears are on a sturdy stalk.  This is a giant early hybrid for those early fall sales.
        Foremost Hybrid Series
RBV-7000  Blue Moon - 110 days - 9 to 10 inch long ears
This corn has girthy 9 to 10 inch ears. Dent type - blue black vibrant color on a very sturdy stalk.  Eye catching ears.  A standout fall decoration.  
This corn has proven to be a great milling or chipper corn.  This also distills quite well and has 10% protein - good feed quality. Proven to be a good yielder.  Give this great corn a try.  A very versatile hybrid.
RBV-5000  Blazing Sun  - 107 days  - 9 to 11 inch long ears
This is a very outstanding hybrid on vibrant multi-colored ears with a sturdy stalk.  The color combinations are varied and really show off the colors of fall.  The ears are large and very colorful!
RBV-4000  Ultra Ray  - 104 days - 9 to 11 inch long ears
A dazzling multi-colored hybrid that has a beautiful glossy, multi-colored ear on a sturdy stalk.  Many rich unique colors that are sure to get the customers attention.  This is a great seller at our home market.  This corn comes off early for your fall harvest time.
RBV-Mini Corn  - Cranberry Spectrum  - 100 days
A classy looking multi-colored mini-hybrid, 3 to 5 inches long.  Multi ears per stalk, some purple husks.
RBV-3007 UR  Spectacular Rainbow  a 107 day corn. This is a showy, colorful hybrid with a large ear, 9 to 11 inches long.  This corn will show many color variations from deep colors to light colors in reds, oranges, yellows.  The stalk quality is good with some red husks.
RBV-3009 Autumn Fireworks a 109 day corn
This is a new hybrid with very glossy color variations for the fall displays.  The ear size is 9 to 11 inches with some red husks, a real show off of varied colors for a new stand-out for sales.
RBV-6010 LB Rainbow Warrior a 110 day corn
Very showy hybrid - large ears, 10" to 14" long.  Glossy bright colored ears.  Some red to purple husks.  Nice large eared corn that will catch you customers Attention this fall.
RBV-9000 Blazing Prairie  -  108 days
This corn has a 10 inch ear on a sturdy stalk.  The husks and the stalks will be showy and mostly reddish in color.  The ear will be mostly yellowish kernels with some blues and purples mixed in with red mottled caps.  A showy corn for decorations or shocks.
RBV-6020 Rainbow Supreme
Maturity 112 days.
"Great New Hybrid"
Long 12" to 14" inch ears.
Showy high gloss colors - very unique.  Large strong stalks, some red husks.
This hybrid draws attention to its size and colors.  Great addition for your fall line-up.
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