New for 2019
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RBV-1400 Autumn Ruby   110 day
Dazzling dark cranberry colored ears with a mixture of blue and cream kernels throughout the ear.  The ears are 7' to 10" long on a strong stalk.  Semi-dent kernels.  Very attractive ears with great coloring.  A very attractive color for fall.

RBV-1010  Burnt Sunset  110 - 112 day
An eye catching dark red maroon black color.  Girthy type ears.  Dent and smooth kernels both.  Big stalk. Good for ornamentals or for milling.  Very attractive ears.  8" to 10" length.
RBV-1212 Woodys Best Popcorn  110 day
Gourmet type popcorn.  Very tender and delicious tasting.  8" ears.  Good stalk quality. Easy shelling.  Give it a try.
RBV-1721 Rainbow Giant  112 day
This corn has giant ears on a 
very large stalk.  High gloss with brillant variety of colors on the giant ears.  A real eye catcher in size and colors.
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