Latest Releases

RBV-7030 Halloween Surprise   110 day
A very large eared corn 12" to 15" long.  Ears are solid colored reds-browns-bronze and yellow with multi-colored ears.  Big fodder!  A very eye catching corn for fall.
Fodder Shock Corn (Yellow Ears)
80,000  Kernel Bag       $200.00  (These are standard yellow hybrid corns)
5,000 Kernel Bag          $3.00 / M
10,000 Kernel Bag        $2.75 / M
Phone: 937-465-6608
Mobile: 937-508-1602
RBV-1400 Autumn Ruby   110 day
Dazzling dark cranberry colored ears with a mixture of blue and cream kernels throughout the ear.  The ears are 7' to 10" long on a strong stalk.  Semi-dent kernels.  Very attractive ears with great coloring.  A very attractive color for fall.